Photo by Lukas from Pexels

Photo by Lukas from Pexels


design management

At Tecturus, we are experienced in the oversight of consultants, lead consultants and contractors on medium-sized residential schemes [5-50 plots] at all design and building stages. We are familiar with both JCT Design & Build and Construction Management contracts. Our previous employment within both Main Contractor and Architectural Practices allows us to offer a rare dovetailed approach to Design Management. We understand the importance of allowing sufficient collaborative Design time, dispatching a coordinated package of information to allow speedy procurement and of value engineering in advance to relieve time-pressures on-site.

Our services include the creation and management of design services, design deliverables dates, the technical review of drawings, specifications and schedules and the chairing of workshops to ensure that your consultants or subcontractors are issuing complete and compliant information in a timely manner. Our reporting documents will give you a high-level summary of progress at key intervals, usually monthly, to ensure you are kept informed of your consultant’s, planning, building control, warranty or design package progress.

Good organisation, setting clear objectives and working with you to agree consequences if key dates or content is missed are just some of our competencies. The benefits of design management to your business can be the difference between a delayed and costly construction period, or a smooth and cost-certain one.

We work best when we are appointed from the start of a project, however we are happy to assist your current design or management teams with technical coordination, coordination or management of isolated packages, certain authorities such as Building Control or for specific RIBA stages. Perhaps you have been unable to find the right staff member and the handover window is getting smaller, in which case we will be happy to step in to ensure project continuity. We can be engaged in addition to your current design and contractor teams to allow each profession to focus on their strengths.